As a healthcare worker, you’re used to dealing with all types of stressful situations – including never having enough time in the day to do everything you want to do.

And with the holidays upon us, you’re likely also coping with the shopping frenzy, cooking, cleaning, and family gatherings.

The holidays can be joyous – but they can also create feelings of stress and sadness. Stress can happen when you try to juggle your professional workload at the hospital, clinic, or healthcare facility with all that goes on during the holiday season.

To better manage your time and lessen your stress, here are a few suggestions to help healthcare workers keep focused on the job, stay healthy, and not feel overwhelmed this holiday season:

Prioritize your Work Day

It can be tough to hit the ground running when you arrive for work – especially with the distractions surrounding the holidays. But time spent drinking coffee, chatting about last night’s party, or checking Facebook is time wasted. Write out the specific tasks you need to complete each day and the time you need to complete them. Review your list as soon as you get to the hospital or clinic and post it in a prominent location. Stay on track by checking your list often and adjusting it as needed. You’d be surprised how much you can complete when you have a to-do list.

Complete Year-End and Personal Tasks Early

Start your holiday shopping earlier than you have in the past, and get a head start on any upcoming projects at work. This way, when you’re busy with office parties and planning family gatherings, you’ll have fewer last-minute to-do items on your plate. While at the hospital, clinic or practice, don’t try to cram in shopping at lunch or buying gifts online. Focus on work – you can take on the holiday chores during your spare time.

Keep an Eye on your Time

Prioritize and balance your holiday activities with your work obligations. Don’t feel like you have to go to every department lunch gathering or office party. Maintaining a good work-life balance sometimes means it’s okay to miss a holiday gathering. Or simply pop in for a few minutes instead of staying the whole time.

Take Care of Yourself

Exercise more and get enough sleep each night. When you make time for proper rest, the rest of your schedule falls into place. Also watch what you eat and drink – the increase in sugary foods and alcoholic beverages will impact you the next day at work.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say “No”

As a healthcare professional, you’re trained to have a “can-do” attitude. But it’s important to be realistic about your workload and only agree to take on projects or patients if you have the time. You may think you’re being a team player by taking on every project that comes your way, but if you end up overwhelmed, no one benefits. Carefully consider requests and know when to turn someone down.



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