During normal times, as the calendar moves closer to the holidays, job opportunities tend to slow down – sometimes to a trickle. 

But in case you haven’t noticed, we’re not living in “normal” times, and thanks to a major shortage of healthcare workers across the country, hospitals, health clinics, labs and practices are hiring!

That’s because the healthcare workforce is burned out following a nearly two-year battle against COVID-19. Healthcare workers are – and will continue to be – in high demand – and the labor supply is not keeping up. 

So we can say with confidence that it’s a great time to be a healthcare job seeker. Even during the holidays. So if you’re a candidate thinking of taking the next step in your medical career, here’s what you need to know to get hired in today’s healthcare job market:

Make Sure Your Resume Is Current and Clean

Recruiters look for simple and clean resumes that are current and easy to skim through. The Nursing Times likens a resume to an advertisement that causes a recruiter to stop and look at it differently. To make your resume cleaner, they recommend using a minimum 10 point font in black ink without using hard-to-read funny fonts! Keep it simple.

Don’t Exaggerate your Work Experience

Most healthcare hiring managers and recruiters will test your level of experience, so don’t over-exaggerate. If you only have two years of experience as a registered nurse, don’t include the years that you were a student. Rest assured that HR managers will look at your resume and certifications – and any information that’s not totally correct will come up – and probably cost you the job.

Do your Research

Okay, you’ve found an interesting job opportunity. But before you get too far along the road of your job search, research the average benefits of someone in the position as well as the salary. The Bureau of Labor Statistics will list the median pay for healthcare jobs, but it’s important to note that salaries differ according to location. It’s also a smart move to research the hiring company before applying.

Team up with an Experienced Recruiter

Working with the right recruiter – who has a track record of working with job seekers in the healthcare field, can help take the stress out of your job search. By understanding your skills and experience – while also having a firm grasp of the job market, 

industry, and open positions – a skilled recruiter could be exactly what you need to further your career. A good recruiter will also have access to interesting positions that job seekers won’t be able to access. 

Don’t Rule Out Temporary Work

If you’re looking to take a breather for a while but want to stay in the workforce, temp work is a great option. Temp agencies specialize in finding employees to fill short-term jobs when companies have rush projects, or to cover vacations or illnesses. When an agency places you in a position, they pay your wages, taxes, insurance and benefits and charge the employer an hourly rate for your time. Many temp agencies are set up so that if an employer wants to ultimately hire you full-time, the agency can handle that as well.


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