Medical professionals are always in demand to help people get the care that they need, at the high quality they deserve. Nursing is one such career that is extremely admirable, but also extremely difficult! If this is a profession you are considering, here are a few things that may stand as obstacles for you to overcome.

Experiencing Burnout

The amount of training, hours, educational measures and energy required for a nursing degree is significant. A major problem found among many medical professionals, but especially nurses, is the “burnout” that they feel from working long shifts without breaks. This is a job where being on your feet, alert, and keeping a positive attitude are necessities. Nurses often don’t get enough sleep between work days either, and their hours can impact other elements of their personal or social lives. Nurses need to have impressive endurance and motivation to get through the long days of hard and taxing work.

Having Your License Suspended

Healthcare is a sensitive but essential field of work. This means that there is a long list of rules and regulations that nurses must follow inside and outside of the workplace, to maintain a safe, professional, productive and effective means of healing for patients. If you breach any one of these rules, you are at risk of having your nursing license “suspended”—without this license you are not qualified to perform any nursing function legally, and you may need an attorney to have your nursing license restored. Legal professionals will be able to fight your case and argue your value, but this is regardless an obstacle to keep in mind.

Emotional Toll

While the physical toll of nursing is an obvious concern, the emotional toll may also be difficult to handle. As a nurse, you work daily with patients that you are supposed to care for—and that care extends to an emotional aspect! Unfortunately, not every patient will receive good news regarding their health or recovery. You may feel the weight of disappointment, frustration, and empathetic pain for those patients, and this weight can grow over time. Plus, some patients will not be easy to work with! They may leave you feeling unappreciated or even as though you are failing at your job. It can be hard to remember your care is a part of what is helping people to heal, and that makes you an important part of human lives whether they recognize it or not.


A nursing career will have lots of ups and downs. Encountering obstacles like these is not only possible, but probable in your journey towards becoming a certified nurse and onwards. Don’t let their difficulty surpass your desire to help people in this amazing and essential capacity!


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