As a busy healthcare professional, it’s likely a challenge to stay informed and further your professional growth and development.

The good news is many healthcare professionals have put together memorable TED Talks about healthcare access, innovation, and best practices. They’re free online from any device and each is typically under 20 minutes long. Here are 10 popular options:


1.) Abraham Verghese: A Doctor’s Touch

Dr. Verghese advocates a back-to-basics approach to healthcare – where doctors use touch and longer conversations with patients to assess their health. His TED talk is a powerful analysis of how primary and specialized care has become depersonalized.

2.) Paula Johnson: His and Hers… Health Care

Dr. Johnson is an advocate for better health care training to ensure that men and women receive treatment that meets their needs. Her TED Talk is an enlightening look at how vast the differences between men and women can be.

3.) BJ Miller: What Really Matters at the End of Life

Death is never easy to talk about, but Dr. Miller discusses it in a way that’s moving and applicable to all healthcare workers. As a palliative care doctor, he has worked to bring dignity and closure to his terminally ill patients and is willing to share his experiences in this TED Talk.

4.) Jill Bolte Taylor: My Stroke of Insight

Jill Bolte Taylor is a brain scientist who had the unique opportunity to study her own stroke. Through her first-person observations, she demonstrates our powerful ability to come back from a brain injury stronger, more inspirational and more impactful than before.

5.) Stefan Larsson: What Doctors can Learn from Each Other

Dr. Larsson’s TED Talk wonders what would happen if doctors talked with each other more openly about their experiences. He illustrates that for unusual cases of uncommon illnesses, doctor experience can play a key role in improving patient outcomes.

6.) Nathalia Holt: How Stigma Shaped Modern Medicine

Dr. Holt explains how society can erase the stigma surrounding certain medical conditions. Her TED talk is a reminder of how much work remains, especially for healthcare professionals who communicate diagnoses with patients and their loved ones.

7.) Rebecca Love: How Nurses can Help Drive Healthcare Innovation

Healthcare innovations are often designed with input from doctors, but nurses can be overlooked – despite having views and experience from the frontlines of healthcare. While this talk is geared to nurses, it offers insights for physicians and allied healthcare professionals.

8.) P.J. Parmar: How Doctors can Help Low-Income Patients (and Still Make a Profit) 

Dr. Parmar has worked with resettled refugees with little income. He offers lessons from his experiences, especially the state of health insurance in America. His leadership and wisdom are essential for any medical professional looking to advocate for better health care.

9.) Daniel Levitin: How to Stay Calm When You’re Stressed

You’re not at your best when you’re stressed and its effects on your health, wellbeing and ability to make decisions are not that great either. Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin highlights ways to avoid making critical mistakes in stressful situations.

10.)  Daniel Woznicka: Millennials in Medicine

What’s the role of the Millennial health professional in a highly digital, fast-paced world? Dr. Daniel Wozniczka uncovers how the future health professional is digitally empowered, business savvy, entrepreneurial and hungry to innovate and make an impact.


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