Let’s face it; if you’re a nurse, working nights can be challenging – especially for those who haven’t experienced what it means to work while everyone else sleeps.

But did you know there are a lot of benefits to working the night shift? In fact, many nurses and healthcare professionals prefer burning the midnight oil over the more chaotic daylight hours.

The day shift may seem like the obvious choice, but for many night shift nurses, the benefits outweigh the challenges. Here are some examples:


The Night Shift Differential

If you’re financially motivated, working the night shift is where you want to be.  Different states and workplaces have varying standards about shift pay, but there’s no denying that working nights can positively impact your take-home pay.  Keep in mind that over time you will get used to that extra pay from the Night Shift Differential, and it will be noticeable if you switch to a typical day shift.


Fewer People on the Floor

For nurses, the night shift means fewer patients, fewer visitors, and fewer questions to answer. Without disruptions, working at night also enables increased productivity. Nurses can focus on their hospital duties and perform tasks more efficiently. And once your midnight rounds are done, you can cross your fingers and hope for no excitement during the rest of the night.


No Management

Of course, you love your managers – but it’s also nice when they’re not looking over your shoulder. Night shifts provide the liberty to check your phone for updates from time-to-time, maybe talk and socialize with your co-workers, and even watch movies with your unit (while you keep a close eye on your patients, of course!).

For nurses taking continuing education, this can be an opportunity to study at the station. A relaxed patient routine at night allows you to read books or go over a few notes.


Improved Working Relations

One of the best things about working the night shift is creating more camaraderie with teammates. It’s a known fact that in every hospital in the country, teamwork is better during night shifts. It teaches you to work very well as a team despite the nightly working conditions. Oh, and don’t forget the potlucks! From sheer volume to creativity, night shift potlucks put anything you’ll find on a day shift to shame.


More Time for Family and Errands

As long as you manage a sleep schedule that works for you, night shift nurses can take care of family or errands during the day.

Need to take the car in for an oil change? No problem. Mom or Dad has an appointment? You’re on it. Sometimes it comes at the expense of sleep, but working night allows you to be part of your family and friends during “normal” hours.

Once your sleep pattern is settled, you can enjoy all of the benefits a night shift position provides that might otherwise require you to take personal time off from work to accomplish. This means you save your PTO for other things like travel or mental health days.



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