If you’re a doctor, RN, nurse practitioner, or other medical professional looking for a great reading list for 2021, we’ve got you covered.

Reading books is one of the fastest and most enjoyable ways to expand your professional knowledge while you unwind away from the hospital, clinic, or practice. It’s also a great way to give your eyes a screen break while keeping up with the latest insights and perspectives on the ever-changing healthcare industry.

This recommended reading list is meant to supplement your continued education and offers a well-rounded view of the healthcare industry. Enjoy!


1.) StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath

Many professionals believe they must power through adversity before they can succeed. When a skill or situation seems difficult, professional norms dictate simply working harder. This book suggests the opposite. Instead of advising readers on how to correct their deficiencies, the author focuses on how readers can develop their natural strengths. StrengthsFinder 2.0 directs readers to an online quiz aimed at helping them understand personal strengths to better manage and work with others. The book and online materials can help healthcare professionals better understand and utilize their strengths.


2.) Medicaid Politics and Policy by Judith D. Moore and David G. Smith

This book presents Medicaid as a “weak entitlement” that’s less established than Medicare or Social Security but more secure than welfare and food stamps. The authors emphasize both politics and policy in an accessible way, while aiming to help readers distinguish policy grounded in analysis versus partisan ideology. This updated version accounts for changes in the Affordable Care Act and includes a current glossary. If you’re involved in Medicaid policy, you’ll benefit from reading this book.


3.) The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

In this non-fiction story, Henrietta Lacks was diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer in 1951 and treated at Johns Hopkins University. During her treatment, a sample of Henrietta’s cells was taken without her knowledge – and these cells have been cultured and used in experiments for the last 60 years. All the while, Lacks’ family didn’t know about the cells or the university’s profits until 20 years after her death.


4.) The Patient Will See You Now: The Future of Medicine is in Your Hands by Eric Topol MD

This is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of healthcare and what risks and opportunities are on the horizon. Readers will be taken through an alternative view of medicine that puts more power and control into the hands of patients. The author shares innovative ideas such as using a smartphone to obtain rapid blood test results or monitor vital signs. These ideas could empower a patient to obtain a diagnosis without seeing a doctor, resulting in substantial financial savings. This may well be the future of healthcare.


5.) Complications: A Surgeon’s Notes on an Imperfect Science by Atul Gawande MD, MPH

Through firsthand accounts of his own surgical experience, the author offers an unabridged take on what happens during surgical complications. This book can enlighten anyone in medicine and healthcare, whether behind the scalpel or the computer.


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