You’re looking for a job. You have a good skill set. But you want to be a better match for the candidate the hiring manager is specifically looking for. Here’s what you need to know if you want to be successful in your job search. 

Why Such High Demand?

Over the past few years and in the wake of COVID, having qualified and effective workers has become even more important. Furthermore, as competition seems to be getting more intense, businesses recognize that they need more innovative thinkers in even more of their company’s positions than ever before. They recognize that they need workers who will take ownership and will leverage specific skill sets to get more work done better.

Businesses recognize the benefits of having qualified workers on their payroll, and many have become very selective about who they’re hiring as a result.

The Impact on Job Seekers

As a job seeker, this increasingly narrow focus on specific types of prospective employees can seem daunting at first. What if you don’t have all the experience they’ve listed on their job posting? What if applying for a position feels like branching out for you?

While these concerns are not entirely unfounded, you can also recognize this increased focus on qualified talent as an opportunity to hone your skills and make them shine. Maybe a company is working for someone with editing experience. You may not have experience in the specific type of writing they’ve listed but you may have had a comparable experience. Leverage that.

How You Should Change Your Game-Plan

As you begin to recognize the workplace’s demand for more qualified talent as a positive rather than a negative, figure out a specific game-plan for yourself.

Maybe you need to go back to school. Or maybe you need to simply re-visit your resume and figure out how you can position past experiences in a new creative way so that you can show how they set you apart from other candidates for a position.

Finding a job in a job market that seems to be incredibly difficult to bust into is a hard task. When hiring managers seem to be looking for even more specific candidates, you may start to feel less confident. But instead of taking this more focused approach to hiring as a negative thing, build on these suggestions to figure out what you can do to be the specifically qualified candidate they’re looking for.

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