The medical world can be highly competitive, especially when people are trying to further their careers. If you’ve had your eyes on a certain job for a while and believe you would be qualified, you need to do all you can to show the hiring people that you’re up to the task. These are all ways you can come across as the most desirable candidate.

Clean Up Your Record

No one has a completely spotless record, but there might be things on yours that may sound alarm bells. A criminal record can definitely make it difficult for you to secure employment, especially a felony. If you’ve got medical malpractice on your record, you could also be in some trouble. However, you can do things for damage control such as hiring a lawyer to vouch for you. Depending on how much time has passed, you might be able to get this expunged. Of course, the best way to deal with an undesirable record is to not have it come up in the first place.

Get Additional Certifications

Just having your medical degree might not be enough if a lot of people are vying for one job. Increased credentials can speak for themselves as examples of your well-roundedness. In the branch of continuing medical education, you could become an expert on the business and technological aspects of medicine, such as coding. These can be good things to know, especially if you want to transition away from demanding shifts with intense hours, such as being an emergency room doctor.

Insist on More Responsibility

You should be looking for advancement opportunities even before a position is open. If you’re trying to be promoted within your company, demand that your supervisors give you more responsibilities. You need to have each task build off of one you’ve already mastered so that you don’t risk looking full of yourself. It’s also good to take charge and not wait around for anyone else to tell you to do something. This will make you look like a natural leader and make it far more likely that your employer or another one would see you as the best person for a high-level position.

Your resume can definitely do a lot in terms of helping you get an interview, but you need to give yourself an extra push to become the one who gets the position. Emphasize your skills, and make up for any lost time as well as resolving any potential issues. This way, you’ll be elated but also totally understanding when you get the job.

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