The hiring process takes time and money, so you want to make sure that you accurately pick out the best candidates when hiring a new physician. Pre-employment tests are helpful in choosing candidates that fit into the company culture and represent the health care facility well. Three of the top winning attitudinal traits you should look for when hiring a new physician are honesty, integrity and positivity. Keep reading to find out why.


When a physician is caught being dishonest, it can ruin their career. Many patients can sense when they’re not being told the entire story as well. When they come across honest physicians, they appreciate the transparency and are less likely to change health care providers. According to KevinMD, being honest with patients helps protect their sense of autonomy and their trust in medicine. If a patient has too many negative experiences with doctors, they may stop seeing physicians and self-treat themselves when they aren’t feeling well.


Hiring physicians who have integrity decreases the likelihood of lawsuits. A person with integrity isn’t easily bribed or swayed from their morals, values and ethics. You have probably heard about bad cases in the news when doctors are caught illegally prescribing medication. Physicians with integrity won’t do these kinds of things. Patients are safer in their hands because physicians with integrity aren’t going to give them medication they shouldn’t have or perform risky illegal operations. Situations like this might not be the norm, but you don’t want to be the one it happens to, either. According to Lockton Affinity, you want to make sure that the doctors you hire are the type of people who follow proper procedures.


According to The Hire Talent, negative people lack a healthy understanding of reality and tend to overly criticize others. They are too quick to dismiss potential solutions and give up on helping a patient recover due to their negative mindset. Positive people tend to perform better than those who don’t have a positive attitude. They are more likely to try new things, and they don’t give up easily. Because of their positive mindset, they are willing to spend more time finding solutions to problems. Patients also prefer physicians with positive attitudes because they find interactions with them more enjoyable. Physicians with a positive attitude get along easier with co-workers, too.


Look for these three winning attitudinal traits when you’re hiring a new physician. You will increase your chances that the new hire is liked by patients and avoids drama with co-workers. Physicians with honesty, integrity and positivity aren’t likely to get themselves into legal or ethical trouble. They live by strong values and stay ethical even in the face of stress and temptations.

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