Healthcare careers have been growing at an accelerated rate now that much of the human population is living longer. You don’t have to have worked as a physician to be hired in healthcare management. For some positions, an MBA or a degree related to business is considered to be among the preferred qualifications. However, if you are a physician, that alone may make you a shoo-in for some other positions.

Healthcare Management Opportunities

Demand for nearly every imaginable healthcare job is increasing across the nation. A common job opening might include one for a healthcare manager or administrator for an ambulatory health facility. Ambulatory facilities are those in which patients go in for prescriptions, diagnostics, and direct treatments. Many are physically integrated into hospitals or clinics but act as their own entities. As a result, knowledgeable management is extremely important.

With the majority of the Baby Boomer generation now in their 60s and 70s, assisted living facilities are more essential than ever. These are facilities for seniors who can no longer live independently and need a lot of medical attention. As a result, a physician’s qualifications and experience is essential for smooth management here.

Hospital CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) plan and manage hospital activities as well as directing hospital staff. They are usually responsible for the entire facility. An experienced physician is ideal here because they have much experience in the trenches.

Healthcare Management Hours

These days, healthcare management positions make up the majority of employees’ lives. Most are expected to work at least 40 hours a week. Facilities that are open 24/7 often require a lot of flexibility as emergencies are daily happenings in the medical field. As a result, managers are often required to be on call 24/7. Some travel occasionally for business meetings, to inspect other facilities across the country, or for other work-related issues.

Healthcare Management Salary

For directing ambulatory management, the average salary is almost $260,000. Directors of assisted living facilities make an average salary of almost $250,000. Hospital CEOs make an average salary of $166,000, but it depends on how large and populous the location is. These are in line, or sometimes even higher, than the amount that physicians make on average.

Managing healthcare is a very high-level job that carries a lot of hours and responsibilities. Again, experienced physicians actually know what it’s like to be in those trenches and are more knowledgeable about the facility operations from the ground up, and that makes them well-qualified for these positions.

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