If you’re looking for quality jobs, then you know that Spot On Recruiting offers a plethora of worthy choices. What you might not be as aware of is the industrial demand for any given career path. It doesn’t do you much good to specialize in a field you can’t get hired in. If you need a career that’s always in demand, we’re going to recommend a position in nursing.

Research shows that the nursing profession has changed a lot in the past five decades. The most conspicuous change is that the job is no longer reserved for females. There are a lot of factors which have contributed to these changes.

While some of the changes have been good for the health sector in general, there are others which have resulted in more pressure being piled on the practitioners. Here are some of the reasons nursing is more demanding than it was back in the day.

Taking over the role of primary caregiver

Nurses have had to gradually transition away from the supportive role which they used to serve. Now they take a much more active role in the recovery process. Some of the complex medical decisions made by nurses today would have been a doctor’s responsibility two or three decades ago. This has led to changes in the academic and residency training demands placed on the nurses before they’re allowed to practice. Currently, the Institute of Medicine IOM calls for 80% of nurses to hold their BSN by 2020. This will allow them to be fully fit for their expanding role in the healthcare sector.

Population growth

Our population has been growing exponentially, putting a lot of pressure on the demand for medical caregivers. This is a demand which has not been matched by the number of doctors or primary health care providers.

As a result, nurses have been forced to take up the position of primary health care providers in most hospitals. It has also led to a high level of specialization in the nursing field to meet their expanding job scope.

Disease epidemic

There weren’t as many lifestyle-related illnesses a few decades ago like there are today. This disease epidemic has put a lot of pressure on hospitals and all other health institutions. Most people have a health condition they are constantly managing.

The role of the nurse currently involves that of a concierge healthcare service provider and advisor. They try to help the local population deal with chronic–and at times life-threatening–conditions.

These are some reasons behind why nursing has become more demanding. It’s also crucial to note that occupational hazards that nurses have to deal with have increased a lot over the years. When getting into a nursing career, you need to think about these demands and prepare for them to increase for years to come.


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