Choosing to Work at an Addiction Center

Drug and alcohol abuse is something that many people struggle with each and every day. According to the Recovery Village, addicts fall into these patterns for a variety of reasons from peer pressure to stress. Whatever the reason, help is available. Sometimes, these addicts have nowhere to go. They’ve isolated themselves from friends, family, and even their job. When the time comes to check into a rehab center, professionals that are trained and caring are of the utmost importance in this person’s journey to recovery.

The Benefits of Working at an Addiction Center

Working in an addiction center is hard. It’s also a very rewarding career choice. Addiction centers are full of people who come in broken. Thanks to the care they receive, they leave feeling whole. One of the biggest benefits is the fact that you’re changing someone’s life. Nurses, therapists, psychologists, and more all work together to get a person the help that they need. Knowing that a person is better because of you is a great feeling. Another benefit is that every day, it’s something different. New people to help constantly come in and out through the doors of a treatment center.Finally, there is always flexible scheduling and disability insurance benefits.

Helping to Break the Stigma

One main goal that all addiction center employees have is breaking the stigma attached to addiction. It’s not easy to do. Many medical professionals don’t know exactly what goes on behind the scenes at an addiction treatment center because of the stigma attached to them, even within the profession. Many assume those struggling with addiction are dirty, poor, and mentally unstable addicts. That’s not the case at all. The people who come through those doors are human beings just like anyone else. They’re people who have become addicts because of various struggles. Addiction doesn’t discriminate. Addicts can be young or old, rich or poor, working or unemployed.

Facing the Struggles Head On

There will be struggles. Working at a treatment center is often a thankless job, especially when a person checks in. That’s because people typically don’t want to be there. Many people think they don’t have a problem. Others just don’t want to accept it. This causes them to be angry, and they may take that anger out on you. Being yelled at, being called names, and being treated poorly will happen as a person goes through the stages of detox. Many professionals at an addiction center also have to deal with being on call and long hours. You never know when someone may need help, but that’s part of the deal when it comes to changing lives.

The Feeling of Changing Lives

Many people choose this profession because it’s truly one of the most rewarding experiences. It’s a chance to save a life, make a difference, and go home every night knowing that you made a difference in someone’s life. An addiction center employee can be the difference between life or death for someone.

If you are looking for a rewarding career in helping those who come to addiction treatment centers, then check out how we can recruit you or how you can be found by an employer near you!

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