If you are a nurse or physician’s assistant, finding a clinic that won’t suck your soul can be a difficult experience. After all, there is nothing worse than accepting a new position just to find out that your job is not what you thought it would be. So don’t let that happen. Instead, use these five ways to identify if the clinic is the place you really want to be.

Great Online Reviews from Patients

In today’s day age, many people and businesses are easily judged by their social media and overall online presence. This is no different for clinics. Patients and former workers will take to the internet to review their experience. Do some Google searches of the clinic first before jumping in.

A Focus on the Patients

You want to work for a clinic in which patient-facing employees treat patients like human beings. Avoid those who seem like they treat people coming into their practices as some kind of objects or ATM’s to profit from. Look for patient-physician communication-enhancing devices like interactive technology and other amenities that center on patient experience. That way, you can know you’re truly helping people.

Career Advancement

One of the biggest reasons for not being happy at work is feeling like you are stuck. You don’t want to be in a position where there is nowhere to go but down. Look for practices that hire people from within when it comes to larger roles in the clinic.

Ask the Employees

Survey employees who are working there right now. You might be able to meet one through a friend or someone else in your network. You could even reach out to them through LinkedIn and ask them to share their thoughts. In addition, check out Glassdoor reviews for an inside look at your potential employer. This alone can save you a lot of heartache and frustration.

Perks and and Culture

There is more to a clinic then how much it pays. In addition, there is the overall culture to consider. Do the people that work there share your same values? And are the perks like insurance, vacation, and sick days enough to warrant the hard work you are doing? Ask these questions of any clinic you’re considering. Adequate insurance coverage is particularly important in the medical field. Beyond medical benefits, ask about other forms of coverage like physician disability insurance.

Getting a job in the medical field is not easy. If you are doing your search right now, you need to be equipped with the information that will help narrow down the best places to work. So use the tips above. Then, apply those to your search for the perfect clinic that will lighten the weight of soul — not the other way around.

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