It’s nearly 2:00 a.m. and you’re thinking about work. Again.

As an HR professional, you have a million responsibilities – recruiting, compliance, employee training, proving your value to the organization – and it’s enough to keep even a stalwart sack hound up at night.

What’s keeping you awake at night? Here’s what’s on the minds of other leading HR pros across the country – along with prescribed “sleep aids” to constructively address concerns:

Making the Right Hiring Decisions

A bad hire can cost several times a position’s annual salary. A poor hiring decision for a candidate earning $100,000 per year could cost, on average, $250,000, and that expense comes right off your bottom line. Additionally, The Harvard Business Review estimates that 80 percent of all employee turnover is a direct result of bad hiring choices.

Sleep Aid: Put a plan in place to evaluate your company’s hiring process, find the gaps and make the necessary changes that will ensure your company is thorough and consistent.

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Attracting Millennial Talent

The Millennial generation is entering the workforce at a fast and furious pace. By 2020, Millennials will make up 50 percent of the workforce. That means that hiring teams must be able to present themselves in a way that is attractive to Millennials, which is no easy feat, as the younger generation is notoriously finicky when it comes to employment choices.

Sleep Aid: Work closely with business leaders to create a strategy to target Millennials. Highlight your company’s most Millennial-friendly attributes. Consider enacting BYOD policies, flex-time options and corporate responsibility programs. These perks are easy to implement and have been noted as attractive to the younger generation.
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Resolving Conflict

Every department in every organization experiences conflict between employees. Most of the time, these conflicts can be resolved quickly. They can sometimes spiral out of control, however, especially when supervisors don’t identify the conflict early.
Sleep Aid: Develop training programs to help managers identify conflict before it bubbles over, and keep the lines of communication open so that employees come to HR sooner rather than later. Be sure that all harassment and diversity training programs are up-to-date, as well.

Employee Terminations

Terminating an employee is probably the most difficult task for any HR professional. Termination has a direct impact on the employee’s self-esteem, livelihood and their ability to provide for their family. Terminations also have a negative impact on employee morale, leaving the remaining team members to wonder how secure they are in their positions.

Sleep Aid: Clear policies, consistent enforcement of those policies and quarterly performance reviews ensure that employees will always know where they stand with the organization. When it comes to layoffs, be sure the process is fair and consistent, and whenever possible, provide severance and outplacement programs are up-to-date, as well.
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Meeting Project Deadlines

When hiring for special projects, HR is expected to provide a crop of talent that will ensure that project’s success. Unfortunately, delivering that talent can be difficult when managers do not effectively communicate what they need or wait too long to communicate their needs. If the project fails, blame is often placed on to the hiring team.

Sleep Aid: Conduct regular outreach with department heads to open the lines of communication and will keep the HR team abreast of projects in the pipeline. Create checklists for managers to help them get the right information to HR when staffing new projects.

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Compliance, Compliance, Compliance

In a recent study of 853 HR professionals conducted by Silk Road, 63 percent cited compliance as an issue that weighs heavily on their minds. Compliance is a serious matter, as one mistake could land your company in serious hot water – resulting in fines or employee lawsuits.

Sleep Aid: Subscribe to (and read) HR journals, attend conferences, and join professional groups. These resources will help you keep your finger on the pulse of new legislation and regulations. Be sure that all HR employees and department managers are trained each year on compliance and confidentiality, as well.

Human resources is a tough job, and it takes a special type of professional to successfully navigate the waters. Most HR pros enter the field because they care about people, which is why so many lose sleep over these issues. With some strategic planning and outreach to business leaders and other department heads, however, you might just find that you worry less about work in the wee hours of the morning.

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